How to use LifePlan's multiple scenario feature

Create and store up to 10 versions of your LifePlan as you wish, in order to explore the way different forward plans will impact your retirement finances. Give each a name. Any time you log in you will be able to play with these different scenarios to try out your future options, and reflect changing plans or financial circumstances.

  • 1 If you have not already done so, complete all seven stages of your LifePlan so that you can visualize your retirement finances. This LifePlan then becomes your default Plan.
  • 2 By choosing ‘Create New LifePlan’ on your dashboard, you will be presented with the default LifePlan ‘Snapshot’ as a reference.
  • 3 You then name this new version (for instance ‘Downsize at 75’ or ‘Inherit at 65’) and make any edits required. You will always see the ‘Snapshot’ showing the age at which your liquid funds run out under the default LifePlan as well as in the new one, in order to see what effect the changes you have made in the alternate LifePlan have on your future finances.
  • 4 The last edited LifePlan will be saved as your new default LifePlan when you log out.
  • 5 If you wish to retain your original LifePlan as your default version, make sure you edit and save this one last before you log out.
  • 6 When you return, you can create a new alternate LifePlan, or you can choose one of the existing LifePlans to edit and save as the default.
  • 7 You can delete and archive any of your ‘old’ LifePlans at any time.


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RetireEasy is the UK’s only independent retirement planning tool. LifePlan gives you an overview of all of your assets – including investments, pensions, savings, business assets and properties – and the income you will receive after liabilities such as debts, mortgages and income tax. It is not just a snapshot, but shows you how your finances will evolve throughout your retirement.

With Premium LifePlan you can model a Lifetime Mortgage, create and compare up to 10 scenarios of your financial future, radically reduce life insurance costs through a Life Assurance Premium Checker and you can print user-friendly narrative reports.

RetireEasy was established in 2011 and has helped thousands of users to understand their finances throughout retirement and adjust their plans to ensure that their money will last.


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New features on RetireEasy.

Not yet retired?

You can now include all your additional savings, investments and Pension Contributions between now and your retirement, taking into account increasing these Additional Contributions year-on-year and stipulating whether these are one-off or recurring contributions. As always, you can revisit these projections and change them at any time either when your expectations change, or you have real numbers to replace projections already made.

New useful charts?

There are now three additional charts, further breaking down your assets and income.

Download your data in a spreadsheet?

You can now also download spreadsheets giving you the opportunity to view all of your entered information, and your entire LifePlan in one glance.

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