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Increase in State Pension from April 2012

Pensioners will receive a boost to their retirement income from today as a significant increase to the State Pension kicks-in. A single pensioner will receive an increase of £5.30 per week and pensioner couples will receive an increase of £8.50 per week. These increases will be very welcome following the recent steep increases in fuel […]

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Granny Tax Explained

Mark Soper – RetireEasy A huge fuss was made about the tax on pensioners following the changes to the age-related personal allowances announced in last week’s Budget but what does this all mean?

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Silver Inflation: Why Some People’s Pips Are Squeaking

What’s the rate of inflation in your household? Almost certainly not the broad-brush national figures that are trotted out every month. And the problem, says 50+ writer and commentator Tony Watts, is that unless you have a firm grip on the impact of inflation on your outgoings, incomes and assets, it’s very hard for those […]

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Triviality Rules Extended

Buried away in the reams of pensions legislation is a ‘triviality rule’ allowing pension pots to be taken wholly as a cash lump sum where a retiree’s total pension savings are less than £18,000.  A quarter of the cash sum is paid out tax-free and the remainder is taxable.

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Life Assurance Premium Relief Axed

On the day the Government announces next year’s Budget day as 21st March it also confirms the removal of Life Assurance Premium Relief effective from 2015. This move will raise very little extra income for the Government but could impact on the retirement plans of hundreds of thousands of retirees.

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Planning To Pay For Your Care In Later Life

The long-awaited Dilnot Commission has elevated the massive cost of health care in later life in the public consciousness. And its suggested sharing of the costs between the individual and the State have been broadly welcomed. But any outcomes will not come into play for some time to come. Until then, what should those in […]

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