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So what exactly is Facebook for these days?

Facebook means different things to different people. But one thing is sure – it’s not the animal it was in the beginning, and it is now shaping how we connect with each other and even how we vote. By Tony Watts OBE A long-standing friend emailed me the other day to tell me that, with […]

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Want to stay in work? Hi Ho Silver quotas… By Tony Watts OBE

Thinking of staying in work for a few more years but concerned that employers will not be interested in a 60- or even 70-something? Think again. It looks like many of Britain’s top employers have got the message that having more older people in the workforce will be essential to their future. As part of […]

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Watch the world float by your window…By Tony Watts OBE.

Thinking of a cruising holiday? You’d be hard pushed to enjoy a more relaxing and inspiring time than sailing down the Rhine.   And with RetireEasy’s new travel partner Cosmos, you can enjoy the special offer to RetireEasy subscribers announced in the last newsletter. To me, a holiday is always better if it has water in it. And while being […]

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Homes the key to many pensioners’ future – despite mortgage fears

Two recent reports have illustrated the dependence of many current and future pensioners on their home as the key asset to fund their future… but with the prospect of many of them going into retirement still burdened by mortgage debt. Bower Private Clients have estimated that, for nearly six out of 10 over-55s, their property […]

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Nobody understands you when you’re young…

Just how crusty are you? Tony Watts OBE wonders why so many of today’s older people make a point of not understanding the younger generation when we had exactly the same response from our parents… Hands up everyone reading this who has, in the last month, uttered the immortal phrase “young people today”… or words […]

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Who will gain as older people pass on billions in property wealth?

New research by insurers Royal London estimates that around £400 billion is likely to be passed down in the wills of older people in the coming decades – with much of that wealth in the form of property. The survey asked over 5,600 older, middle and younger adults about their plans and expectations around receiving […]

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Three easy ways to boost your retirement income By Tony Watts OBE

A report from Aegon hit the headlines recently, telling us that the average pension pot has almost doubled in the last couple of years. That’s great news – except that we are starting from a ludicrously low base. The average figure is now a titchy £50,000 – enough, if invested in an annuity, to yield […]

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New “Kiddie Tax” will help support their grandparents’ pensions

A leaked government document has revealed that a working party has been set up to study the possible introduction of taxing 5-15 year olds in order to supplement the incomes of poorer pensioners. The document reveals that children in this age group receive, on average, £10 weekly pocket money – which the working party says […]

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