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Why pensions freedoms “could mean people running out of cash”

Almost eight out of ten (78%) over-50s significantly underestimate how long they are likely to live, leading to concerns that many currently taking advantage of pensions freedoms may well run out of cash in retirement. A study carried out by Retirement Advantage has highlighted the particular dangers of pension freedoms for those who have raided […]

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Many Baby Boomers heading into retirement wearing a blindfold

A new report by Dunstan Thomas has shed some worrying light on the position of millions of Baby Boomers as they head into retirement. The report, Engaging with Baby Boomers Retirement Journeys outlines the findings on a large survey carried out this year among 71 year olds. Some 59% of those interviewed had yet to […]

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Women getting pensions short straw in divorce settlements

According to new research, divorced women are missing out on an estimated £5 billion a year because pension savings are often overlooked during divorce settlements. A study by Scottish Widows has found that seven out of 10 couples do not bring pensions into divorce settlements even though they can potentially be one of the biggest […]

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What is a “safe withdrawal rate”… and why does it matter?

A story appeared in the media this month saying that the “safe withdrawal rate” for people with a pension pot was just 1.9%… a serious adjustment to the more commonly accepted 4%, if true. Mark Soper investigates. The term “safe withdrawal rate” has been much bandied about since the advent of pension freedoms. But what […]

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Cap on social care costs kicked into the long grass

Reports in the media are suggesting that the Government’s pledge to introduce a cap on social care costs by 2020 has been further delayed – with the possibility that further consultations will see it abandoned entirely. The news comes just months after the Prime Minister was forced into an embarrassing U-turn on her election manifesto […]

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Millions of savers face “50/50 chance” of not receiving promised pension payouts

Threats to company pensions funds following business collapses, such as those of BHS and Monarch, and the renegotiation of steel workers’ future benefits, may not be isolated incidents, according to the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA). A study has concluded that some three million savers currently in defined pension schemes may have as little […]

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Older people fast becoming “generation work”

Thinking of staying in work past the official retirement age? Then join the generation steadily pushing back the age of retirement. The employment rate for those between 50 and 64 reached a record high point of 71.2pc this summer. This is only a smidge below the national employment rate across all ages of 75.3pc, itself […]

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A third of over 55s unsure if they can afford to retire on their savings

New research from pension communications company Pension Geeks shows that 83% of people in work wish they were saving more into their pension, with almost a third of over-55s uncertain if they will be able to retire on their current savings. The concerns are backed by recent savings figures: the Scottish Widows Retirement Report shows […]

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Older downsizers struggling to find suitable homes

Almost half (44%) of estate agents report seeing a rise in enquiries from older homeowners looking to downsize over the past year, according to a report from equity release provider Key Partnerships. The dilemma, however, is a shortage of suitable homes to meet demand; added to which too many those looking to move are over […]

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