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A new report reveals how our spending changes through retirement

Estimating exactly how much you’ll need to enjoy a comfortable retirement has never been easy, as our spending habits will inevitably change as we move through our later years. But now a new report from the Institute for Fiscal Studies has shed new light on these shifts. The report, authored by Rowena Crawford, Heidi Karjalainen […]

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Why savers need a pension will – but 72% don’t

A “pension will” can prove vital if a person dies before they reach retirement age. But a new survey from Canada Life shows that almost three-quarters (72 per cent) of UK adults aged 55 and over have not completed an expression of wish form, which nominates the beneficiaries of their pension benefits in the event […]

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Good news for DB pension holders… plus several caveats

Positive news for some savers this month: the aggregate surplus of the 5,215 defined benefit schemes in the Pension Protection Fund (PFF) 7800 Index increased from £133.6bn in February to £176.4bn at the end of last month: an increase of £42.8bn. This means that Section 179 liabilities (the level of assets needed to secure PPF-level benefits […]

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Over 50s open up on their pension savings regrets

New research from Aviva shows that the majority of people heading towards retirement (64%) regret not saving more at an earlier stage in their working lives. Many, understandably, prioritised raising children (42%) and paying off their mortgages (40%) before putting any surplus cash into their pension.  However, a third put leisure / holidays (32%); clothing […]

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Retirement purchasing power “pummelled” as inflation soars

Pension experts are warning that those planning for retirement will need to significantly increase their pension pots to keep up with soaring inflation. Key points include: Current CPI inflation is at a 30-year high of 6.2% and the Bank of England expects it to increase further in the coming months. Someone retiring at the end […]

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Inflation is back, but RetireEasy is here to help you plan for it.

Inflation is on the rise, bringing with it major concerns for anyone planning their retirement finances. Here, Mark Soper ACII offers ways to help you factor the risks of continuing inflationary pressures into your plans. RetireEasy’s LifePlans enable users to plan over 40 years of retirement and provide for an average annual inflation rate. But, […]

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Investment Market Update: West braces itself for escalating situation

Mark Soper ACII looks at the potential fallout from the war being waged upon the people of Ukraine as well as the other pressures upon the financial markets. The Russian invasion of Ukraine continues to dominate the news today, with cameras capturing the horror that its proud and independent people are experiencing, and the news […]

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