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The full extent of the pension gender gap revealed

A new report has laid bare the gap in pension pot sizes between men and women at retirement – and how many more years women would need to work to make up the shortfall. New research from the Now Pensions and the Pensions Policy Institute (PPI) shows that, on average, UK women need to work […]

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Securing your retirement finances could mean being flexible

Being able to work for as long as you need in order to secure a financially secure retirement could become a lot easier after new employment laws come into force in April, writes Tony Watts OBE. But it will require flexibility from employers as well as employees. “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men […]

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Retirement “shock’ warning for higher earners

New figures show only 30% of high earners are on track for a comfortable retirement. New statistics from the HL Savings and Resilience Barometer show that less than a third (30%) are on track for a “comfortable” retirement. This compares to only 13% of households overall. Even when it comes to achieving a “moderate” retirement […]

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What preventive screenings and tests do people over 50 need?

Adding life to our years is just (if not more!) important than adding years to our life. And regular health check-ups can help us achieve both – by catching conditions early and by telling us in good time whether or not we need to make lifestyle changes. Here’s a rundown of the most important ones, […]

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What’s happened to the DB pensions “black hole”?

If you have a DB pension waiting in the wings for your retirement, you’ll want to know the latest assessment on whether or not the UK’s 5,000 DB schemes will be in good shape to meet its obligations. It’s been a turbulent time in the financial sector over the last year or two, with rising […]

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Will technology force you into early retirement?

Over five million over 50s in the UK look set to retire early, according to new research – many because new technology will make them redundant. What will it take to ensure you leave work at a time of YOUR choosing? By Tony Watts OBE Lamplighters, knocker uppers, leech collectors, switchboard operators, linotype operators… It’s not […]

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Bank of mum & dad playing key role in helping offspring get onto housing ladder

If you’ve been thinking about helping your children or grandchildren financially, a new report shows just how many younger people are receiving help from their parents to get their first home – and the difference that makes to their future finances. Levels of home ownership, particularly amongst younger people, has reduced significantly in recent years. […]

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