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Is Britain ageist?

Have you ever suffered from ageist attitudes? And, if so, do you think it’s a problem that the country needs to address? By Tony Watts OBE Many people think we are living in an increasingly compartmentalised society, with different groups living in, and separated by, their own communication bubbles and not connecting to others. But […]

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Warning that savers are taking riskier choices without taking advice

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) has sounded a warning to people saving for, or in, retirement after research showed that just one in eight is taking advice from an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) while one in five has considered riskier pensions and investment products because of poor returns from mainstream products. The prolonged, historically-low […]

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Older workers facing double whammy from Covid

New figures show that older workers are being severely affected by the economic repercussions of the Covid pandemic – not just by a huge rise in unemployment figures but also facing reduced incomes if they do get back into work. The implications long term are that anyone saving for their retirement could find themselves either […]

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Does the meaning of life change with age?

While many of us are comfortable with the notion that “42” is the “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything”, some people disagree – and even point out that our perception of the meaning of life actually changes as we age. By Tony Watts OBE Most of us, and not just […]

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Women getting raw deal on pensions

A new report reveals that women are at a major disadvantage when it comes to saving for retirement, accruing between 25% to 45% less in their pension pots at retirement. According to analysis from Barnett Waddingham, the gender pension gap really starts to diverge most after the age of 32, with men then contributing up […]

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Fly or Drive

As many of you will know by now, I am an avid fan of classic cars and take a deep interest in the way values have been rocketing over the past few years, making me somewhat sceptical as to whether these prices are sustainable. There are of course plenty of other investment classes that are […]

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