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How to avoid an uncomfortable retirement… By Tony Watts OBE

Planning for retirement is something most of us avoid like the plague. Conversely, many of us worry if we will *ever* have enough to retire. But there is a quickfire solution to both those conundrums that won’t cost the Earth… Did you know that the average time that we spend between retiring and shuffling off […]

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How should the Government protect future retirees?

We recently launched an anonymised survey in conjunction with AgeWage to test the temperature on how those heading into retirement were being affected by the pandemic. Because the situation is still evolving, we have left the survey open and you can still take part by clicking here: Survey But in the interim we wanted to […]

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Should older people be footing the bill for Coronavirus?

The health and financial impacts of the pandemic are threatening to open a divide between the generations, writes Tony Watts OBE, later life campaigner and RetireEasy director. For some time now there has been an increasingly loud drumbeat coming from a variety of “thinktanks” (aka pressure groups) arguing that younger people are getting a bad […]

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Pension gender gap is potential £70,000

Without taking action, women currently earning an average UK salary could end up with more than £70,000 less in their pension pot at retirement than their male counterparts, new figures suggest. The long-standing pension gender gap reflects the pay gap between men and women in the workplace: many women spend much of their lives working […]

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Bank of Mum and Dad “at growing risk of default”

One of the UK’s biggest banks is being stretched to its limits by Covid – however, it’s not one with branches on the High Street, but the ever-reliable “Bank of Mum and Dad”. New research from interactive investor’s Great British Retirement Survey shows that: More than half (51%) of parents already retired had helped their […]

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Longer lives pose pension and healthcare threat

The latest ONS figures for life expectancy in the UK have highlighted the growing concern in the pensions sector about whether many people have enough savings and investments put aside for a comfortable retirement. The average life expectancy in the UK in 2017 to 2019 was 79.4 years for males and 83.1 years for females, […]

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The age when ageism begins revealed…

The average age at which we begin to feel “invisible” and that society is ignoring us is 57, according to a new study by SunLife. In their “Retiring Ageism” Report, SunLife asked 2,000 people in their 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s if they feel their age is negatively affecting their lives. Over a third (35%) of Brits say they began […]

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Would you be better off renting?

A new survey predicts a significant rise in the number of older people opting to sell their homes and rent a “senior living rental property”. Who might live in a house like this… and what are the pros and cons of simply renting a mainstream house in later life? By Tony Watts OBE Over the […]

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