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The Financial Benefits of Turning 60! by Mark Soper

I recently turned 60 and I suppose like many of us reflected as to where all the time had gone – Time really does go faster the older you get! I sort of do know where the time goes as I am still fully engaged in full-time work, my wife works 3 days a week […]

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Half of over 50s still supporting their offspring

Feeling harder up than you’d expected to be at this stage of your life? You’re not alone. Research from insurer SunLife shows that half of those in their 50s to 80s are continuing to support their children or grandchildren financially. In addition, one in 25 people aged 55-59 are providing financial support to elderly parents. […]

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Revealed: those receiving the nation’s highest and lowest pension incomesRevealed: those receiving the nation’s highest and lowest pension incomes

New data from Salisbury House Wealth demonstrates how much of a “postcode lottery” the nation’s pension incomes are. Assessed by parliamentary constituencies, The Midlands is home to six of the 10 areas with the lowest income. Of 650 constituencies, Leicester West had the lowest annual pension income, with an average of just £10,400, followed by […]

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Lifetime Allowance “timebomb” set to hit a million savers

New analysis by mutual insurer Royal London has shown how many of today’s workers are at risk of breaching the £1.03m lifetime limit for pension tax relief over the course of their working life, as well as the numbers who are already over the limit… but may not realise it.   The Lifetime Allowance (LTA) has […]

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Be careful of long-term historic investment returns

  By Mark Soper ACII There has been a huge amount of press recently concerning the automatic increase in Workplace Pension contributions – up to a total of 8% from this April. Some focus has been given to the expected investment returns that may be achieved for workers when these contributions are invested – mostly […]

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Family carers putting their pensions at risk

  Many thousands of people of working age, and who are caring for others, could find themselves with a radically-reduced State Pension unless they start claiming for Carer’s Credit. Around one in eight adults in the UK are carers, approximately 6.5 million people. Inevitably, women bear the heaviest share of the care – outnumbering men […]

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Millions of home-owning pensioners missing out on up to £1,000 a year

  Over six million retired people could be losing out by as much as £1,058 a year – because they haven’t checked their eligibility for financial support in retirement. According to the DWP, at least half of the 13 million people entitled to benefits aren’t claiming them. Most of those not making claims are homeowners […]

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RetireEasy’s Crowdfunding is now underway!

And we are offering a FREE 48-hour trial of RetireEasy’s  Classic LifePlan  We want you to see for yourself how our powerful retirement planning tool is able to revolutionise the way that millions of people plan their retirement. To take advantage of this offer go to our Crowdcube pitch and check the ‘Latest Company […]

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RetireEasy’s Crowdfunding is now live!

We are raising funds via a crowdfunding exercise in order to both add new features and expand our marketing efforts If you’re a RetireEasy subscriber, you’ll already know just how powerful, flexible and useful the program is – because you’re one of many thousands who have tried it for themselves. And if you aren’t already […]

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