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What savers would do… if they had their time over again

  If you could wind the clock back, what would you have done differently when it comes to preparing for retirement? A new survey of 2,000 UK adults aged over 50, with assets of more than £50,000 including property and pensions, has revealed some fascinating facts. Despite retirement looming in the near to middle distance, […]

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Over a third of us not saving for our own funeral

  ·        37% of over 50s have made no financial arrangements at all for their funeral ·        Women are more likely to leave financial planning until later in life ·        More than a third of people would have major concerns about how to fund a loved one’s funeral All those ads on daytime television are […]

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What the Chancellor hid in his Budget…

As with every Budget, comprehending the full impact of the latest one has taken a few days… allowing the dust to settle and the small print to be analysed and understood. So, how did pensions fare? Here are some of the measures which either did… or didn’t… come to pass. First of all, the big […]

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75% of savers have insufficient reserves to cope with a market shock

New research by retirement financial advice firm Responsible Life shows that 75 per cent of pensioners with their pots invested have insufficient reserves to fall back on should the market encounter a major shock. They polled just over 1,000 UK pensioners and concluded that 45 per cent of those who use drawdown rather than buying an annuity have no reserves to […]

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“Millions not saving enough for a comfortable retirement”

Millions of people in the UK face an impoverished retirement because they are not saving enough, new figures show. The current average annual income that someone currently aged 55 and over can expect on reaching State Pension age is £15,890 – including their state pension. However, according to the online investment site, True Potential Investor, […]

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I have a 12-inch black vinyl disc. Is this a record?

With new vinyl record sales soaring to above four million last year – the highest volume since 1991 – and the value of many vinyl collections tripling in value over the last 10 years is it too late to get on the vinyl bandwagon? Mark Soper explores. Earlier this year, music sales through streaming outsold […]

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Who wants to live forever…?

  By Tony Watts OBE No, nothing to do with the late Queen classic of the same name, but a serious question in the wake of a recent New Scientist survey which asked over 2,000 people if they would take up the offer of immortality if they had the chance. The answer is: just one […]

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How much do you need to save for retirement – the experts think they have the answer

Just how “retirement ready” are you? And will your retirement income match the average in the region where you live? Financial services provider Hargreaves Lansdown has analysed Office for National Statistics (ONS) and Government data and discovered that households in the South East of the country need to save the most over their working lifetime […]

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“Pension funds at risk” over generous lump sum payments

The Pensions Regulator has sent a warning to some of the UK’s leading pension funds over their concerns that they are being too generous when offering lump sums to people cashing out of “defined benefit” retirement schemes. Their concern is that excessively generous playouts could damage their funds – and so impact upon remaining members. […]

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