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New website locates your lost pension

Have you paid into a pension sometime in the dim and distant past and forgotten about it… or are unsure how to see if you are due to receive any money? Then here’s some good news: a new DWP website has been launched by the Pension Tracing Service to help people locate lost pension savings. […]

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Are you concerned your money will not last throughout retirement? Here are some hints on how to make your money last longer

Are you concerned that your funds will not see you through your retirement? There are a number of ways in which you could organize your financial affairs to ensure that your money will last long enough. If you are a user here are some options you may wish to consider if you find out […]

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How to achieve a £31,600 tax-free retirement income

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More advice on getting the max out of your RetireEasy LifePlan

We are truly delighted with the feedback and questions we receive from you all and in most cases we are able to offer a LifePlan solution to the financial events that you wish to plot.  From this feedback, we have put together some useful tips which hopefully will help you if you wish to plot […]

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Mark’s top six tips on Pensions Freedom – numbers one to three

Since pensions freedom went live on 6th April this year, writes Mark Soper, there has been a huge amount of “noise’’ around pensions – as well as a potentially tax-laden emergency Budget. So where does all that leave the nation’s army of retirees as well as those approaching retirement? The short answer is: no one […]

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Mark’s top tips for pensions freedom – numbers four to six

Pensions Freedom time is upon us. Sort of. And in this and an accompanying article ( Mark Soper offers his six top tips to overcome the barriers and make the most of the opportunities Top Tip 4 – How will you use the drawdown money? There may be some very sound reasons why you may […]

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A pre-retirement check sheet to help safeguard your future income

The new pensions freedom (writes Mark Soper) will enable millions of us to tailor the way we generate a retirement income – although the full panoply of choices to achieve that are not quite yet in place! Your ability to take up to 25% of your funds each year and invest them in vehicles other […]

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Car insurance: a basic guide

If there’s one thing that car insurance companies like, it’s an older driver – although their preferences are guided purely by statistics: older drivers have fewer accidents, and the ones they have also tend to be less serious. That means there are plenty of companies vying for your business. Which makes it even more puzzling […]

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Retirement housing: a basic guide

The UK has lagged behind many other countries around the world in offering a wide choice of housing dedicated to the needs and tastes of older people – but the market is now starting to catch up. The benefits can be significant:  not least, effectively “downsizing” from a family home can release additional funds with […]

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Health insurance: a basic guide

As we get older, so the likelihood grows of us developing medical conditions. And while the most serious conditions are usually best dealt with within the NHS, the waiting lists associated with some procedures can make the concept of private medical healthcare highly appealing – especially as this will allow you to undergo the procedure […]

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Annuities: a basic guide

Who needs a boring old annuity now that – from April 2015 – we will have the new pension flexibility? That must be the question many people are asking themselves, especially those heading towards the “magic 55” mark when they can choose where to convert their pension pot into a much wider range of products… […]

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Life Insurance: a basic guide

The abiding principle of a life insurance policy – to provide financial help to the family of the deceased – has remained intact since the very first policy was issued over 300 years ago. Now, of course, there is a huge choice of different policies – and providers – and that can make it difficult […]

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Pension annuity and drawdown plans

Since the Chancellor’s statement abolishing the so called ”death tax” on pension drawdown plans there has been much conjecture and some confusion as to the tax treatment of benefits arising on death under different types of plan.  We hope the following table clears up some of the confusion – however we must stress that the detail given is based on the tax regulations […]

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Cashing-In Small Pension Pots

Mark Soper – RetireEasy The Pensions Advisory Service has this month published its detailed guidance on taking small pension pots as a lump sum. Sometimes it is just inconceivable how the Treasury and HMRC can get things so wrong – you would think from the complexity of this document that every potential retiree out there […]

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Granny Tax Explained

Mark Soper – RetireEasy A huge fuss was made about the tax on pensioners following the changes to the age-related personal allowances announced in last week’s Budget but what does this all mean?

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