RetireEasy’s Crowdfunding is now live!

8th March 2019 by RetireEasy

We are raising funds via a crowdfunding exercise in order to both add new features and expand our marketing efforts

If you’re a RetireEasy subscriber, you’ll already know just how powerful, flexible and useful the program is – because you’re one of many thousands who have tried it for themselves.

And if you aren’t already a user, you can find out just how it works by clicking onto these explanatory videos:

Now we want to make it available to a much bigger audience – and to achieve that we are raising money through a crowdfunding venture… and you are invited to be part of that exciting prospect.

The RetireEasy story to date…

Since its launch as a subscription product in 2016, we’ve dedicated a huge amount of effort and money to bring the product to where it is now: proven and popular it is a highly sophisticated, yet user friendly, online retirement planner. It is unique as a consumer product by enabling people – for a modest subscription – to see just how their financial plans are maturing – and so when (or if!) they can afford to retire, and how much they will be able to comfortably spend.

Critically, the program has the unique potential to give people the information they need to plan properly for their retirement and make the very most of those years.

Unsurprisingly, it has earned lots of plaudits from the media and a loyal band of subscribers.
What next? We are now ready to introduce the RetireEasy LifePlan to a much wider market – taking the company on the path to becoming what we earnestly believe will be a massively successful business.

With the product developed and proven, we plan to raise between £150,000 and £300,000 which will be spent on product enhancements and marketing, primarily through digital media and press relations. We have a tiny administrative base, enabling the vast majority of all funds raised to harness new revenues.

How can YOU be involved?

As part of this, anyone investing more than £250 will also be entitled to the free use of the RetireEasy LifePlan Premium for one year – a value of £83.88 each year. This will allow you to benefit financially from the compelling future growth of the RetireEasy platform while continuing to access its services.

If you have any questions please do email me or give me a call.

We would love for you to be a part of this and share in what we believe will be a highly profitable venture.

Kind regards,


Richard Collinson, Founder & CEO                                 

07540 265363


Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please #InvestAware as your capital is at risk

New features on RetireEasy.

Not yet retired?

You can now include all your additional savings, investments and Pension Contributions between now and your retirement, taking into account increasing these Additional Contributions year-on-year and stipulating whether these are one-off or recurring contributions. As always, you can revisit these projections and change them at any time either when your expectations change, or you have real numbers to replace projections already made.

New useful charts?

There are now three additional charts, further breaking down your assets and income.

Download your data in a spreadsheet?

You can now also download spreadsheets giving you the opportunity to view all of your entered information, and your entire LifePlan in one glance.

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