New research shows how many of us expect to be working during “retirement”

22nd February 2019 by RetireEasy

The concept of a “retirement age” would seem be fading into history as new research shows that a majority of adults believe they will need to keep working late into life – because they won’t have saved enough to get by on.

According to Dutch bank ING, one in eight believe they will have to carry on working until they die, while 58% plan to get temporary or “gig” jobs to make ends meet.

Part of the reason is that qualification for a State Pension is being extended to the age of 68 in the years to come: the delays for men are now keeping pace with those for women, and both genders will have to wait until they are 66 as from next month.

Others are electing to remain in the workforce because they enjoy what they do.

But the key issue will be the amount people have tucked away on top of their State Pension: the most someone can expect to receive from the State (as from this April) will be £8,800 a year – which is well below what most would feel is enough to live on comfortably.

Auto enrolment is providing more and more of us with a private pension into the future – but the maximum that is being saved is well short of the 15% of a person’s salary that experts say is enough. As from April, employees will be putting in 4 per cent and employers and Government between them matching this. However, the current opt-out rate from auto enrolment pensions is 9 per cent.

The research findings come as the latest official figures show that there is now a record 10.4million workers in the UK aged 50 and over. Indeed, over the last decade, older works have been a key factor in fuelling the rise in numbers of people employed.

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