Are you concerned about the value of your retirement savings following the crash?

31st March 2020 by RetireEasy

Firstly and most important, we hope you’re safe and well.

Your mind may be racing with all the things that need rearranging, postponing, cancelling, how to stay afloat financially and keep friends and family safe. So there has never been a more important time to take control of your finances.

As I’m sure you are well aware, Stock Markets all around the world have seen dramatic declines over the past couple of weeks – as I write the FTSE100 has fallen by over 33% from its peak and the other indices have seen similar falls.

The impact of this on all of our savings, and therefore also on our future income prospects, will have been severe.

Yes, the market may “bounce back” – but going on the experience of the last crash in 2008, it may take many years to regain its current value because of the damage being done to companies’ profitability.

And, unless our spending in retirement is adjusted, or other changes made, our savings will not last as long as we had hoped.

If you think it’s time to reassess your retirement plans, we’d like to help and as in the past we are available through our

Back in 2010 I created a set of Excel spreadsheets to help me understand my financial future and these were put to the test when the Financial Crisis broke in 2008/9. These enabled me to plan effectively and it became evident that understanding the implications of the changes in asset values were not nearly as bad as expected.

It was as a result of these experiences that RetireEasy came into being.

Bottom line – now is the ideal moment to try, or to come back to, RetireEasy. As the future unfolds over the coming months, you’ll have a detailed understanding of your situation: because we can give you day-by-day valuations of your assets, you can see your situation precisely.

It costs from just £4.99 per month — and you can cancel at any time!

Richard Collinson
CEO & Co-founder


New features on RetireEasy.

Not yet retired?

You can now include all your additional savings, investments and Pension Contributions between now and your retirement, taking into account increasing these Additional Contributions year-on-year and stipulating whether these are one-off or recurring contributions. As always, you can revisit these projections and change them at any time either when your expectations change, or you have real numbers to replace projections already made.

New useful charts?

There are now three additional charts, further breaking down your assets and income.

Download your data in a spreadsheet?

You can now also download spreadsheets giving you the opportunity to view all of your entered information, and your entire LifePlan in one glance.

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