RetireEasy appoint older people’s campaigner Tony Watts OBE to RetireEasy board

31st January 2015 by RetireEasy

LONDON, 3 September, 2014: RetireEasy, which created the UK’s leading financial planning software program for retirees, has appointed Tony Watts OBE as a board director.

Mr Watts, who was awarded an OBE earlier this year for his voluntary work on behalf of older people, chairs the South West Forum on Ageing and helps steer the activities of the national Age Action Alliance. In his professional capacity, he has spent over 25 years writing on later life issues.

Richard Collinson, CEO and Co-founder of RetireEasy, said: “We are delighted that Tony is joining the RetireEasy board. His vast experience of the real issues affecting older people will be invaluable, as we strive to help people plan for their retirement and live their lives to the full.”

RetireEasy’s simple-to-use, free program has been widely recognised as an invaluable planning tool for anyone coming up to or in retirement, helping them to determine whether they will be able to maintain their planned lifestyle. It can be constantly modified with new information – telling the user how long their savings will last on their current outgoings and what would happen (for instance) if they downsized, took out equity release or helped their grandchildren with University fees.

“I’ve always admired the software program,” says Tony Watts, “because it empowers people to make the informed choices needed to enjoy a secure retirement. And the fact that is now available as a free download means it fits in perfectly with the work I am doing in my voluntary capacity on behalf of older people.

“I am particularly keen to see the software being used by those in their 50s and 60s who are starting to plan their retirement as part of the Government’s ‘fuller working lives’ agenda. Users can feed in their personal data and discover when they can afford to take retirement or whether or not they would be best advised to carry on working – full or part time – and for how long.

“We are moving into a time when flexible working has to be the norm, not the exception, and this tool can play a big part in that: employers, in particular, could play a role in promoting RetireEasy to their staff. There is a huge advantage too for pension providers and financial advisors to encourage its use as it will encourage existing pensioners to take a far more proactive approach to their finances in retirement.”

About is the only comprehensive, cloud-based, online tool that gives those in or nearing retirement peace of mind by empowering them to plan for their financial future.

 Its online planning service, LifePlan, is a free, highly interactive, intuitive, flexible and easy-to-use cloud-based, program, which is an entirely safe, bank-level secure resource. aids multi-asset financial planning by optimising capital and income, factoring in debt liabilities such as a mortgage, along with a range of assets including property, one or more private retirement plans, investment portfolio and cash.

The business was formed in May 2010 and launched in September 2011 by Richard and Naomi Collinson, and Mark Soper.  In April 2014, the founders secured investor backing based on the increased need for a financial planning tool aimed at the retirement market, which allowed RetireEasy to abolish its monthly charges and offer free access to the program. RetireEasy is offering white label opportunities and is introducing links to providers relevant to our users.


New features on RetireEasy.

Not yet retired?

You can now include all your additional savings, investments and Pension Contributions between now and your retirement, taking into account increasing these Additional Contributions year-on-year and stipulating whether these are one-off or recurring contributions. As always, you can revisit these projections and change them at any time either when your expectations change, or you have real numbers to replace projections already made.

New useful charts?

There are now three additional charts, further breaking down your assets and income.

Download your data in a spreadsheet?

You can now also download spreadsheets giving you the opportunity to view all of your entered information, and your entire LifePlan in one glance.

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